Wiebe Red Fox Skinning Knife

74.99 $
SKU: 621216

The Wicked Sharp Wiebe Red Fox Skinning Knife wears a no-slip, highly visible orange handle that's soft for comfortable long job use, yet firm and strong to handle any task you ask it to do.

Perfect for any fur bearing animal, this knife can be used as a beaver skinning knife, a deer skinning knife, and everything in between. It is also frequently used for skinning muskrat, raccoon, fox, and coyote.

Features include:

  • No-slip handle for comfort grip
  • Blade has a narrow tip for precise cutting
  • 4.25" long when closed
  • 7.25" overall length when open
  • 24 Wicked Sharp replaceable blades
  • With a rugged nylon knife sheath for safety and discreet transportation