The groundhog has always known how to profit from human activity. It lives in a burrow dug into a hillside or on flat, well-drained land. Its hiding place consists of 2 to 5 entrances connected to various rooms by a network of tunnels.


Groundhogs can damage fruit trees and ornamental by gnawing at their bark. It is also possible to observe a drying out of the roots under the fruit trees or ornamental.

Some damage to farm machinery may require you to cut back, resulting in crop loss.


With our high performance 4-11 Groundhog Trap, you will be able to solve all your problems. Our environmental trap ranks among the best and most effective traps on the market.

  • Very durable, weather resistant
  • Installed on a cedar piece to ensure stability
  • Equipped with an integrated lever that allows you to remove the dead animal without having to touch it
  • Can be used for years, for maximum savings
  • Prevents you from using poisons that are harmful to the environment or to your family
  • No dead animals remaining hidden in walls and ceilings
OUELL 4-11
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Rudy 220 Plus
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Rudy 120 MAG
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Rudy 220
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Rudy 160 Plus
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Rudy 120
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