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Why use wax on our traps and snares?

Because we want them protected.
Because we want to increase their deployment.

For several years, we have been waxing our traps and snares with only paraffin, but during extreme cold it cracks.

Avoid this with our wax composed of the perfect mixture of paraffin and BEESWAX!

How to know the number of blocks needed?

You have to cover the entire surface of your water with your wax...
A block of wax covers approximately 50 square inches...

A quick little chart:
1 block: a container 7 inches or less in diameter
2 blocks: a container 7 to 10 inches in diameter
3 blocks: a container 10 to 13 inches in diameter
4 blocks: a container 13 to 16 inches in diameter
5 blocks: a container 16 to 18 inches in diameter

In the end you want to have a good 1/2 inch layer of wax on the surface. It must also be said that the wax is not lost. You will recover it and reuse it the following season.

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