Ouell Traps

Do you receive visits from unwanted little intruders? Take action before the situation escalates! Although apparently harmless, some animals can be very harmful; your property or area of ​​activity could suffer. We know that getting rid of it can seem overwhelming, which is why it is often best to hire a professional.

At Traps Ouell, you will be guided by a team of experts, with a wealth of know-how acquired after more than ten years in the field, to the product that will best suit the trapping of your criminal. Our devices are developed in Canada, in partnership with the Ministry of Parks, Forests and Wildlife, as well as with the Fur Institute of Canada, to ensure a product of the highest quality, certified and highly efficient.

Are you struggling with a pest problem? Whether it is for squirrels, groundhogs, weasels, skunks, mice or more, whether you are in the field of maple culture, professional trapping, agriculture or extermination, trust Traps Ouell.