OUELL 3-10

54.95 $
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Whether you are maple syrup producers, exterminators, farmers or someone tired of having your property ransacked, solve the problem yourself with our high performance and easy to use trap.

Efficiency rate greater than 80%

  • Easy to install and arm
  • Higher strike force than the competition
  • Sensitive trigger

Simple, versatile and safe to use

  • Integrated safety catch 
  • No poison needed
  • Can't get the bait stolen
  • Ultra fast verification
  • Durable materials

Installation recommended in an attic, garage, shed and garden.

DIMENSIONS 11 x 6 x 5 po (28 x 15 x 13 cm)
WEIGHT 2,2 lb (1 kg)

- Chipmunk
- Red squirrels
- Rat
- Weasel
- Ermine
- Muskrat

RESSOURCES Instruction Manual

International Humane Trapping Laws

RECOMMENDED BY Québec Minister of Forests, Fauna & Parks
SAFETY WARNINGS 1. Keep out of reach of children
2. The manufacturer is not liable for misuse.
3. If using this trap outside of Canada, refer to local legislation.

Do you have a pest in your home or outside on your lawn? Want to find an easy, fast and safe solution to get rid of it? The Ouell 3-10 Trap is the item you are looking for.

Ouell Traps products are easy to use and safe to install. Made in Quebec, our Ouell 3-10 is ideal against small rodents. Day or night, no matter the time or the weather, our traps are at your service. You just need to set the trap, whether it's outside on the ground or inside in the attic.

All of our traps are certified and meet Canadian and international humane trapping standards for animals, which means they kill the animal without suffering. You don't even have to touch the carcass to get rid of it. Ouell traps are the simple and easy solution to all your problems.