Ouell Lures

11.00 $

The ultimate beaver lure. Effective all year round and water repellent, this lure is the only lure you will need from now on. I took as much beaver in depredation as in trapping season with this lure manufactured by us, Ouell Traps. It lasts and attracts beavers for a long time!

HYPER CALL - Marten, fisher and canine
Hyper Call is the most powerful call lure on the market. Martens, fishermen and canines cannot resist it. Yes, it smells strong, but that's why it works so well! In winter in very cold weather the essence of skunk is the only smell that cannot be neutralized by the cold and hyper call has believe me! Instead of having unproductive installations in cold weather, yours will on the contrary be busy with this super lure! Another great product from Ouell Traps!

This predator lure made from pure seal oil is designed to do the job of the final approach. It is gentle and non-aggressive, but very effective on wolves, coyotes, minks, raccoons and foxes in the retention trap. It won't let you down when the finishing touches have to make a difference!