Long distance lure for marten, fisher and others

13.99 $
SKU: 620132

Sylva's original HyperCall recipe improved with tips from trapping expert Yvon Rudacovitch!

This lure is the most powerful on the market. Martens, fishermen and canines will not be able to resist it. Yes, it smells strong but that's why it works so well!

In winter, in extreme cold, skunk urine cannot be neutralized by the cold, and our long distance lure for marten, fisher and small carnivore contains a lot of it, believe me! Instead of having unproductive installations in cold weather, yours will instead be busy with this super lure!

Another great product from Ouell traps!
The product is put in a jar, the caps is waxed and everything is caned to cut off the smell.