PVC Triple dipped glove | Up to the shoulder

19.99 $
SKU: 621080
Like a glove and a cuff at the same time!
The triple dipped PVC long glove has an elongated 28 '' cuff with elastic at the shoulder for maximum protection during a wide variety of messy work applications. To ensure good dexterity, this glove remains soft and flexible when used in cold temperatures. A sandy finish on the palm and fingertips ensures maximum grip during wet, oily or solvent handling. A key part of this glove is its woven cotton lining which absorbs sweat and eliminates bacteria and odors even with prolonged use. Unlike competition gloves on the market, the PVC triple dipped long glove is available in a variety of sizes for a comfortable fit.

  • 19 "forearm protection
  • 28 '' total length
  • Resistant to abrasion, cut, peel and perforation
  • Extra long for forearm protection
  • Lined for comfort and sweat absorption
  • Wet / dry / light oil adhesion
  • 13 gauge seamless woven cotton lining

Size chart :
Large: for hand width 110 mm
X-Large: for hand width 120 mm