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Bridger #5 - 4 Coilspring Soft Catch (Rubber Jaw)

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TRAP TYPE Live trap

· Inside Jaw Spread: 7 ¼ ”
· Outside Jaw Spread (top to bottom): 7 ¾ ”
· Outside Jaw Spread (lever to lever): 7 ½”
· Pan dimensions: 3” x 3 ¾”

WEIGHT 4.18 lb (1.39 kg)
Setter for #3 and #5 coilspring traps
WARNINGS 1. Keep out of the reach of children.
2. The manufacturer is not responsible for improper use.
3. If you are using this trap outside of Canada, please refer to your local law.

All the Features of the New Bridger #5 Regular jaw with the addition of treaded rubber pads. 7 1/4” inside jaw spread, 7 3/4” outside jaw spread. New and Improved! We have taken a very good trap and made it much, much better. The new Bridger #5 coilspring has heavier swivels, a much thicker heavy duty dog with a night latch, a “spring keeper” to keep the 4-coil springs where they should be, a steel spacer between the pan posts to allow you to tighten the pan tension to your desired level, and a plated bolt with nylon lock nut to keep your pan tension where you want it catch after catch.

What is the difference between a regular and offset jaw?

When the trap is in the fired position and you are looking straight down on the trap if the jaws touch together it is a regular or closed jaw trap. If there is a gap where the jaws meet that is called an offset jaw trap.

What is the difference between a 2-coil or 4-coil trap?

A 2-coil trap has a pair of main springs on the same side as the dog. A 4-coil trap has a second pair of springs on the opposite side as the dog. Typically, most 4-coil springs are smaller in size than the main springs.