Fleshing Boards and beams

We have a wide variety of boards for you.

Last chance to get the famous PSJ fleshing boards!!

If these products interest you, please write to us at order@ouell.ca, taking care to include in your message:

- Desired products
- Your name
- Address (including civic number, street name, postal code, city and province)
- Phone number

We will be able to give you the shipping fees to add to the amounts below;

No item Item Retail Price
FB-01 Weasel (small)       4,00$
FB-02 Weasel (large)           4,50$
FE-01 Squirrel           4,00$
FV-01 Mink (small)           6,00$
FV-02 Mink (large)           7,00$
FRM-01 Muskrat (small)           6,00$
FRM-02 Muskrat (large)           7,00$
FM-01 Marten (small)           9,00$
FM-02 Marten (large)          10,00$
FR-01 Fox (small)          20,50$
FR-02 Fox (large)          22,00$
FL-01 Otter (small)          24,00$
FL-02 Otter (large)          29,00$
FLY-01 Lynx (small)          24,00$
FLY-02 Lynx (large)          26,00$
FRA-01 Raccoon (small)        SOLD OUT
FRA-02b Raccoon (large)        SOLD OUT
FP-01 Fisher (small)          22,00$
FP-02 Fisher (large)          24,00$
FC-01 Coyote (small)          27,00$
FC-03 Coyote (adjustable)          30,00$
FLP-01 Wolf          35,00$
FLP-03 Wolf (adjustable)          37,00$
PTC-01 Beaver beam      SOLD OUT
PTP-01 Small beam      SOLD OUT
BQR-01 Muskrat wedge
BQ-01 Belly wedge (small)
BQ-02 Belly wedge(medium)           2,75$
BQ-03 Belly wedge (large)           3,25$
PO-01A Fox ears pallet           2,00$
PO-01B Coyote ears pallet           2,00$
PO-02A Lynx ears pallet           2,00$
PO-02B Wolf ears pallet           2,00$
PP-01A Fox paw pallet           3,00$
PP-01B Coyote paw pallet           3,00$
PP-02A FWolf/Lynx paw pallet           3,00$

* Please note that these prices do not include taxes