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Effectively get rid of pests with our traps.

Ouell traps are manufactured in collaboration with the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks to offer you a certified high performance and humane product.

Other traps

DP trap

DP trap

Bridger num 5 trap

Bridger num:5

Bridger num 3 trap

Bridger num:3

Bridger long spring trap

Bridger long spring num:1


Did you know ?

The use of the various trapping devices is regulated with a view to ensuring that animals are killed quickly or are held in a manner that prevents them from causing themselves needless injury. For certain species and certain types of traps, only traps "certified" compliant with these international humane trapping standards (IHTS) are allowed to be used.
See the internationnal standards of traps by the ministère Forêts, Faune et Parcs (MFFP).