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Protect your maple trees with Ouell products, designed in the respect of the environment and animals. You work in the field of maple syrup production? Our pitfalls are ideal to help keep pests away from your sugar bush and increase your production!

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Ouell traps are developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks to offer you a certified and high-performance product. Thought to the smallest detail, they are efficient, reliable and easy to install; perfect for professional trappers.

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Some animals can greatly affect your daily farming operations. Prevent unnecessary expenses and get one of our Ouell cruelty-free traps to get rid of these little invaders, so you can focus on what really matters.



Ensure your customers a safe and sustainable extermination in addition to outstanding service, thanks to Ouell traps. Their use is simple and practical, so you can install them quickly, efficiently, regardless of the type of opponent you are dealing with.


You’re unpleasantly surprised by the visit of small unwanted intruders? Act before things get out of control! Although they seem harmless, some animals can be very damaging; your property or business could suffer from their passage. We know that getting rid of them may seem difficult, and that’s why it’s often better to hire a professional.

At Pièges Ouell, you’ll be assisted by a team of experts who have more than ten years of experience in the field and who will guide you towards the product that will perfectly suit the trapping of your pests. Our devices are developed in Canada, in partnership with the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, as well as with the Fur Institute of Canada, to ensure top quality, certified and high-performance products.

Are you struggling with a pest problem? Whether it’s for squirrels, marmots, weasels, skunks, mice or others, whether you’re in the field of maple syrup production, professional trapping, agriculture or extermination, put your trust in Pièges Ouell.

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Did you know ?

The use of the various trapping devices is regulated with a view to ensuring that animals are killed quickly or are held in a manner that prevents them from causing themselves needless injury. For certain species and certain types of traps, only traps "certified" compliant with these international humane trapping standards (IHTS) are allowed to be used.
See the internationnal standards of traps by the ministère Forêts, Faune et Parcs (MFFP).