About us

The beginnings

Our company was founded by Mr. Aurèle Ouellette, professional trapper, in July 2006. During these years, some traps are developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks in order to design certified traps that meet the highest international organizations standards.


Since 2006, we offer several products for trappers, maple producers, farmers, exterminators and individuals. In February 2016, François and Stéphane Lévesque acquired the company, bearing in mind the objectives of always prioritizing the customer and remaining at the forefront of product development.

Our Mission

The Pièges Ouell mission is to develop, manufacture and promote reliable, durable and efficient traps in Canada. We are therefore able to offer humane trapping, as well as safe and easy-to-use products. Our greatest goal: to satisfy our customers.

Did you know ?

The use of the various trapping devices is regulated with a view to ensuring that animals are killed quickly or are held in a manner that prevents them from causing themselves needless injury. For certain species and certain types of traps, only traps "certified" compliant with these international humane trapping standards (IHTS) are allowed to be used.
See the internationnal standards of traps by the ministère Forêts, Faune et Parcs (MFFP).